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These books are free of charge, to all Believers in "third world" countries and the underprivileged. Europeans, U.S.A., and Canadian citizens should purchase copies through our website. These books may be reproduced or translated but written permission must be obtained from E.O.D.H and the Author.
1st Martyr and Books 1-12 are $7.00 U.S. DVD's are $10.00. This is not an actual charge for these items but is a contribution to help offset the printing, recording and posting costs.


Our Stand on sports in the message. Many tell us to "Say What The Prophet Said", and "Say it How He Said It"!How did The Prophet Say it? Here in his own words, are his teachings on sports. (Video)

::Messages Preached By Pastor Robert Lee Lambert::

WE BEAR NO RESPONSIBILITY for other websites who claim to have recorded sermons, publications of Pastor Robert Lee Lamberts Sermons on the web. Which are offered to the public, churches and message believers of Malachi 4:5-6. They were pirated from our library by the hands of a resurrectionist group. Those sermons are craftily employed to deceive the souls of people into that cult. By the authority of our copyright, several of these websites were ordered closed in recent days. Our notice to all peoples concerning this cult can be found Here!Here!

::Expositions of Damnable Heresies::

Please note that we have not posted all books directly on this site. Some of these links may go to the books directly on our site while others go to the books off our site and some will go to an introduction about the book first. You will not be able to access each individual book from an introductory page other than the book that particular link goes to. We apologize for any inconvienience this may cause. Please bear with us while we try to update these pages. Thank you.

Book 1 Bars of Interpretations 'Articles 1-14'

Book 2 Mamba Snake at the Jordan 'Articles 15-24'

Book 3 False Anointed Ones Matthew 24:24 'Articles 25-35'

Book 4 Five Doctrinal Divisions 'Articles 36-39'

Book 5 Seventh Seal-Seven Thunders / Two Schools of Thought 'Articles 40-41'

Book 6 Holiness Message Standard: False Thunders Failed 'Articles 42-53'

Book 7 21st Century Harvest of Souls vs. Unbelief 'Articles 54-58 '

Book 8 7Thunders Ministry VS. Impersonators

Book 9 Questions & Answers Controversies: Seven Thunders, Godhead Diety Heresies

Book 10 Exposition of Damnable Heresies Questions And Answers: Shepherds/Hirelings/Wolves/Goats & The Sheep

Book 11 Exposition of Damnable Heresies Questions And Answers: "7 Seals Related Heresies: What, Who, Why and When? vs. The True Revelation, Questions and Answers"

Book 12 Seven Thunders Heresies vs. the Real Program of God

Book 13 �7 Thunders questions and answers and more-E.O.D.H Challenged�

Book 14 �Final Outpouring of the Holy Ghost for Rapture Power�

::Other books now in print::
Robert Lee Lambert,The First Martyr For The Message of Malachi 4:5&6